Register & Pay: 5-Agent and 5-Manager Showcases

Talent Agent / Talent Manager Showcases require full payment to reserve a space. Spaces are limited.

You will receive an e-mail confirmation (within a few hours) after you register & pay.

Please bring 5 copies of your headshot & resume to the showcase (that is, one for each agent/manager). The agents/managers will NOT retain an actor’s headshot, resume, business card, reel, DVD, other electronic media, other promotional material, or any links thereto. All such promotional material may be provided for use during the workshop only and will be returned to the actor at the conclusion of the workshop.

***NOTE: Please be sure to read our DISCLAIMER and ACTOR CONTRACT and CANCELLATION policies as required by California Labor Law. (BELOW, at the bottom of this page)

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By clicking the “Agreement” checkbox above, I acknowledge that I have received, read and understand the “Actor Contract and Cancellation Policy” (as required by the California Labor Code Section 1701-1705.4) provided to me HERE (to view and to print). Further, by registering and paying for the class/workshop/showcase, I acknowledge and agree to the aforementioned contract and policy, and fully understand that this class/workshop/showcase is for educational purposes and is NOT a job interview or audition or representation opportunity WHATSOEVER. Note: No need to RETURN a completed agreement to us…UNLESS you are canceling..



DISCLAIMER: Hollywood Acting Workshop is bonded with Old Republic Surety (#W150194872) as required by California Labor Law. A class/workshop/showcase is NOT a job interview or audition or representation opportunity WHATSOEVER. The presence of any teacher, casting director/associate, agent or manager is neither a guarantee nor a promise of employment or representation. It is 100% NOT an audition or employment/representation opportunity. The intent of the class/workshop/showcase is solely educational, a learning and networking experience. When the class/workshop/showcase is over, the teacher/casting director/casting associate/talent agent/talent manager (whichever is applicable) attending this workshop will NOT be taking home nor be given access to your headshot, resume, business card, DVD or any other of your promotional materials; instead, these materials will be used during the class/workshop/showcase ONLY, and will be returned to the actors at the conclusion of the class/workshop/showcase.

CANCELLATION OF CLASS/WORKSHOP/SHOWCASE:  Here is our actor contract and cancellation policy as required by California law: Actor Contract and Cancellation Policy (to view and in printable pdf form). In addition to this policy, we offer a CREDIT-RESCHEDULE-ABSENCE policy should you need to cancel or re-schedule. Specifically, if you need to cancel and would like to reschedule for another class/workshop/showcase, we can credit you the full amount towards another future class/workshop/showcase (one year expiration date). Simply call us (310-717-2181; 9am-10pm) or email us ( to tell us that you want to reschedule. Further, in the event that an teacher/casting director/associate/talent agent/talent manager cancels and a comparable replacement cannot be scheduled for that same date, it is your choice to receive an immediate full refund or your fee can be used as a credit towards any future class/workshop/showcase of your choice.