How the Showcase Works

How it works:

  • For INTERMEDIATE-ADVANCED actors: Must have at least 1-2 years of professional acting training… or sufficient credits… or be a natural.
  • Actors will arrive 15-30 minutes before the start of the showcase and sign in, at which time they will let us know if they have brought their own monologue or scene, or if they need a scene from us. ** For actors who bring their own scene, we will need you to bring an EXTRA copy of the scene so we can  pair you with a partner of the appropriate age and gender. You may request a reader (who will stand behind the panel of agents/managers) or a scene partner (who will actively perform the scene with you in front of the industry guests.)
  • At the start of the showcase, the class will be asked to split into two groups. The first group will include actors performing monologues, and anyone who feels rehearsed and prepared to perform without additional rehearsal time. They will enter the room and perform for the first hour of the showcase. Group 2 will remain in the lobby to rehearse with their partners, and will enter the room AFTER the first group comes back out. This allows for smaller class size and wiggle room for people who need to come late or leave early.
  • Actors will perform a rehearsed or cold-read scene or monologue (for approximately 2 minutes).
  • At the END of the showcase, the whole class will rejoin for a Q&A with the industry guests. It is not mandatory that you stay for the Q&A, though it is always informative!