About Us

Welcome to the Hollywood Acting Workshop! We are excited at your interest in joining our professional classes! Our approach is to provide practical, modern-day, on-camera television, commercial and film acting training -with a focus on the reality of the acting business and productively marketing our students toward a commitment to high integrity and prosperity, and courageous acting.

The Hollywood Acting Workshop is a great place for new actors to get started learning about acting and how to break into the television, commercial and film industry. Throughout our class and workshop sessions, we provide you with all of the pertinent up-to-date information on the who, what, when, where and how of the business, including the best ways to maximize audition exposure to get the jobs! Also, we help the more advanced actors learn how to take the next step to becoming a full-time working actor.

Since 1996, our teachers have trained thousands of professional actors and are highly recommended by agents, casting directors and former students. We are proud of our teachers and their ability to educate, transform, empower and motivate every actor that participates in our programs.

Our unique class structure allows new students to cover the entire cycle from scene study, improv techniques and character development – to the audition process (cold reads; callbacks; and screen tests) – to booking the role and bringing all of the elements together on set (performance; camera & stage blocking; redirection incorporated through multiple takes; pick-ups; and inserts). Thus, a full-range of acting training is covered without having to take a different class for each skill. We believe this is the most efficient, economical and cost-effective method for each student.

Each student works at every workshop session to sharpen and hone their on-camera performance and auditioning skills.

We look forward to having you become a part of our group!