Class Policies for Audition Technique Workshop – Meisner

  • If you have to miss a class:

Please come 30 minutes early to the NEXT class with a scene prepared from the class you missed (Along with any assignment for the current class). Michael Bucklin will meet with all absentees together…to go over the missed class highlights and to tape your scene.

For example: If you have to miss class on Week 2, go to the website and select a WEEK 2 scene that fits your gender and age range. Rehearse this make-up scene and have it prepared to the best of your ability for the following week. Come 30 minutes before class on Week 3, and Michael will go over the highlights from Week 2 and tape the make-up scene that you prepared.

  • Payment:

Full payment of $200 is due upon registration.

Please make your payments online at the link below. Alternatively, you can make a cash payment in person on the FIRST day of class… but you MUST register online ahead of time.


  • Video:

You will be taped each week, and be given the opportunity to watch your audition. Your video will be at this link every week (it will usually post the day after each class):


  • Scenes:

Here is the link to the available scenes broken down by week:

Audition Technique Scenes (coming soon)


  • What’s next after this class?

After completing the 4-week audition workshop, many of our students continue on with Eric in an ongoing SCENE STUDY class. Our next session is 4 consecutive Thursdays: (from 7-10pm). Please see schedule

This scene study will continue throughout the year. Most students stay with this class for an average of 6 months or more. If you want to continue after the first 4-week cycle, you can do so by continuing to make payments for each consecutive session.

To officially hold your spot for the scene study class, you can make your $200 payment directly at this link:


  • Teachers contact information:

Michael Bucklin

Acting Teacher/ Screenwriter / Actor

*Michael is also available for private coaching. Contact him for details.


  • Questions:

For any questions please contact us at or 310-717-2181