Scenes for 2 Women

WARNING: Some scripts may contain adult content and harsh language; browse thoroughly.

Triple HomicideDramatic
Pages: 2+
Elizabeth, 25 – 30,
Lawson, 35+
Synopsis: Detective Lawson interrogates Elizabeth and tries to get to the truth about the killing of a family. Elizabeth hides the truth.

Office PoliticsLight Drama
Pages: 3
Melody, early 30’s
Dana, early 30’s
Synopsis: Melody is a newly hired employee of a firm and discovers an old “friend” is out to get her fired.

Bottles of Wine Light
Pages: 3
Lisa, 20+
Becky, 20+
Synopsis: Becky and Lisa wake up in each other’s arms after a night of heavy drinking. Becky is mortified over what might have happened.

A Scornful WomanSerious
Pages: 2+
Susan, 25+
Talia, 25+
Synopsis: Talia confronts a bartender, Susan, who she knows has been having an affair with her husband.

Hey Taxi ManSilly
Pages: 3
Leslie, 25+
Trish, 25+
Synopsis: Two girlfriends try to take a taxi during a night of heavy drinking in Las Vegas.

Pages: 3
Willow, 20+
Ashley, 20+
Synopsis: Willow suspects her friend and co-worker Ashley is being abused by her boyfriend.

Pimp BobbyFunny
Pages: 3+
Tanya, 25 – 30
Catherine, 40’s
Synopsis: Catherine comes to pay her respects at the funeral of her ex-husband Robert. It’s not until she meets Tanya when she discovers the secret life “Bobby” enjoyed.

Saving MannyDramatic
Pages: 2+
Willow, 30+
Nicole, 30+
Synopsis: Willow prepares for an intervention for her boyfriend, Manny. Her friend Nicole tries to comfort her.
Dog HairFunny
Pages: 3+
Gina, 20+
Michelle, 20+
Synopsis: Gina tries desperately to get her roommate Michelle through a serious hangover and off to a job interview in which she is running late, but her approach backfires.
The PlanLight
Pages: 2+
Caitlin, any age,
Ruth, equal age as Caitlin
Synopsis: Ruth is determined to plan a daring bank robbery. Caitlin is along for the adventure.

HeelFun Comedic
Pages: 3+
Karen, 25+, scientist
Alice, 25+, scientist
Synopsis: Karen discovers she has been contaminated with a serum that will transform her into a dog. She pleads for help from her friend, Alice.

Blood in the AlleySerious
Pages: 2+
Louise, 21+, slightly drunk
Marsha, 21+, very drunk
Synopsis: The two women exit the alley of a tavern and stumble onto a crime scene.

The CellarIntense
Pages: 3
Melanie, 20’s
Karen, 20’s
Synopsis: Karen finds herself kidnapped, blindfolded and tied to a post in a cellar. She hears a stranger’s voice. It’s Melanie who has been there awhile.

The Meeting Serious
Pages: 2+
Jessica, 35+
Tessa, 35+
Synopsis: Tessa meets with her friend Jessica to invite her to meet with a risky group that employs a vigilante.

You Laughing at MeRelatable and Light
Pages: 3
Catherine, 20’s
Tina, 20’s
Synopsis: Catherine tries to focus while preparing for an audition, but a rival actress, Tina, distracts her.
Sloppy Mouth – Light  
Pages: 3+
Marlene, 30’s
Winnie, 20’s
Marlene wonders why all her employees are snickering at her after the annual office party. Her Assistant, Winnie, has to break the news to her; she slobbers when she kisses. 
Dropping the Baby Bomb – Dysfunctional fun
Pages: 2+
Trish, 29
Mary, 30’s
Mary confronts Trish, the rebellious one in the family, for having announced her plans to have a child out of wedlock, and with her new girlfriend.

DNA – Shocking Drama  
Pages: 3
Samantha Burns, 35+ A.D.A.
Natalia, early 20’s
When Natalia, a rape victim, visits Assistant District Attorney Samantha Burns to discuss her testimony, a horrible reality is exposed about her rapist.  
First Love –  Heavy *Adults who can play teens
Pages: 2
Sophie, female, 16
Lynn, female, 18
Sophie reveals to her friend, Lynne, that she’s pregnant with her first boyfriend.