Scenes for 2 Men

WARNING: Some scripts may contain adult content and harsh language; browse thoroughly.

Too CloseExposition
Pages: 2+
Roger, 50+, Police Captain
Testa, 35+, Detective
Synopsis: Detective Testa tries to explain to his superior that he doesn’t believe particular suspect is guilty of the crime he’s accused of.
*Note: This is a scene related to a MockSides script called, “No Intent”.
No IntentIntense
Pages: 2+
Jonathan, 18+,
Testa, 30+, Detective
Synopsis: Detective Testa finds Jonathan in the basement of a warehouse huddled down in despair over a death he caused. Testa is forced into a “suicide-by-cop” situation.
Pages: 4
Mike, late 20′s,
Greg Hancock, 40+
Synopsis: Corporate veteran Greg Hancock pays the new Director of H.R., Mike, a visit, only to be subjected to Mike’s weird sense of humor.
Framing EmitIntense
Pages: 3+
Emit, male, 20+
Brody, male 20+
Synopsis: Brody’s sister, Margo, has been attacked and is hospitalized. Brody confronts Emit regarding his relationship with his sister. But it seems to be a frame up.
Joey’s PoisonDramatic
Pages: 2+
Mr. Mackey, 40+, mobster
Joey, late 20′s,
Synopsis: Mr. Mackey meets with Joey over a bowl of chowder to discuss Joey’s lifetime of short-comings. Joey is served poisoned soup.
*NOTE: There is a third non-speaking walk-on character
Pages: 2+
Sergeant Johnson 30+
Gunnery Sergeant Miller, 30+
Synopsis:  Sgt. Johnson informs Sgt. Miller of his wife’s death, but won’t grant him leave from their current station. Miller takes things into his own hands.

Conspirator - Dramatic
Pages: 3
Mack, CIA Supervising Agent
John Stevens, CIA Field Agent
Synopsis: Mack sets up an old friend to take the fall for a planned assassination.

The Favor- Dramatic
Pages: 3
Garret, late 20′s
Flannigan, 50+
Synopsis: Crime boss Flannigan offers computer guy Garret a job with the “family”. Garret tries to decline.

Percy’s Mercy- Dramatic
Pages:  3+
Marco, 30′s
Percy, 30′s
Synopsis: Marco has been on the run from some bad people until one of them catches up to him. Percy buys Marco only enough time to save his daughter’s life.
Dangerous Ex- Tense

Pages: 2
Barry, 25+
Mark, 25+
Synopsis: Barry’s ex-girlfriend is in harm’s way due to his dangerous past. Mark (her current boyfriend) confronts him about it.
Killer DebtIntense Drama
Pages: 3+
Lester, male, weasely, 30′s
Brock, male, Boxer, 30′s
Synopsis:  Brock’s old friend, Lester, asks him to throw a major championship fight. Brock has no choice but to refuse, putting Lester’s life on the line.

Office KillerFunny/Dark
Pages: 2+
Milo, a slightly annoying office worker, 25+
Robert, a quiet cubicle worker, 25+
Synopsis: Milo stirs up some gossip about a defense department courier being killed in the parking garage. Robert tries not to look like he cares, but he has every reason to worry.

Reluctant Thief- Light Drama
Pages: 3
Carl, 35+
Wess, 25+
Synopsis: Carl, a normally law abiding citizen gets himself involved with a shady and slightly unstable criminal, Wess.

Boss’s Secret - Light Dramatic
Pages: 3
Josh, 20′s
Steve, 40′s
Synopsis: Josh invites his Boss Steve out to a “get to know the boss” dinner. Steve misreads Josh’s intentions and it goes wrong.

Carmen’s GangDramatic
Pages: 2+
Carmen, Sargent, 40’s
Nick, cop, 30’s
Synopsis: Nick is re-assigned to a new special task force and learns that Carmen runs a dirty gang.

Pages: 2
Grossman, 30+
Jordan, 30+
Synopsis: The two detectives are watching their subject through the observation window of the interrogation room discussing their “good cop, bad cop” roles.