Scenes for 1 Man 1 Woman

WARNING: Some scripts may contain adult content and harsh language; browse thoroughly.

Over 80 scenes below


Pop Goes The StarLight drama
Pages: 2+
Ariana, female, 18 – 23, pop singer from an influential family
Jesse, male 20’s, ex-miltary, Ariana’s body guard, country boy
Synopsis: Jesse confronts Ariana about her wild antics, while trying to hide his feelings for her. Ariana doesn’t handle it well.

In the Dog HouseAn exercise 
Pages: 3
Bianca, female 20+
Randy, male 20+ Synopsis: Randy comes home late again, this time his girlfriend, Bianca, tosses him out.
*This is an exercise in relationship dynamics by establishing back-history and motivation for the character Randy.

Pages: 3+
Sarah, female, 30’s Detective
Darrell, male, 30″s, Lead Detective
Synopsis:  Our two detectives commandeer a mini van from a Girl Scout camp in order to catch a criminal before he gets away. The clock is ticking, but there is one problem; they are both naked.
The D.A.’s BedDrama 
Pages: 2+
Lois, female, 35+, District Attorney
Travis, male, 35+
Synopsis:  Lois confronts an office worker, Travis, who she believes has a problem with her authority, but discovers the problem stems from someone else close to her.

Sugar Light/Awkward 
Pages: 3+
Mark, male, 20+
Taylor, female, 20+
Synopsis: Mark discovers there are still attractive girls who will actually come over to his apartment to borrow a cup of sugar, but he makes this one time awkward.
*Note: This is an exercise in awkward flirting.

Hitching A RideLight
Pages: 3+
Hank, male, 25+ A respectable gentleman
Darla, female, early 20’s, attractive, but wild
Synopsis:  Hank springs for a motel room for the young lady hitchhiker whom he regretfully picked up along his journey, but the girl can’t seem to get out of his space.

Unusual VictimVery dark Comedy

Pages: 3+
Terrence, 25+, sociopathic serial killer
Trish, 25+, his victim
Synopsis: Terrence kidnaps Trish with plans to torture and kill her, but Trish isn’t so stable herself, which confuses Terrence.
Hit and Run– Serious
Pages: 2+
Michael, 20+
Lynn, 25+, Michael’s older sister
Synopsis: Michael confesses to his older sister that he had just committed a hit and run of a young girl. Lynn insists on calling the police.
Pages: 4
Anthony, 25+, good looking, seduction artist
Corrine, 25+, good looking, seduction artists.
Synopsis: Anthony and Corrine are seduction artists hired by spouses to trap their partners into cheating, so they can make a divorce case against them. After discovering they are working for the same couple who have secretly hired the other for their spouses, Corrine tries to convince Anthony to drop his client. Unfortunately, Corrine’s feelings for Anthony gives him the upper hand.
Pages: 3
Lori, female, 25+
Robert, male, 25+
Synopsis: Robert, an art thief, is on the run from the police when he discovers his new girlfriend is more supportive than expected.
Drunk Tankas funny as you can
Pages: 2
Grant, male 25+,
Jankowski, female patrol officer, pretty
Synopsis: Grant is arrested for being drunk and disorderly, but it’s all an act to get a message to a prisoner.
*NOTE: There is a third walk-on character

Encouner in the WoodsA bit creepy
Pages: 2
Lauren, 18+
Walker, 25+ rugged
Synopsis: Lauren is lost in the woods when she encounters a stranger, who seems a bit creepy.

Battered HusbandHarsh
Pages: 2+
Darlene, 21+ Brutal wife
Byron, 21+, Husband
Synopsis: Byron comes home and is confronted by an abusive wife.

Paying Respects– Serious
Pages: 2+
Characters: 1 man, 1 woman
Chaz, 30+
Detective Fox, 35
Synopsis: While visiting his father’s grave, Chaz get’s an unexpected visit from an old “friend” and cop.

A Closed DoorDramatic
Pages: 2+
Danika, Daughter, 25 – 30
Pierce, Step Father, 45+
Synopsis: Danika discovers a truth about her real father. Pierce wished she hadn’t.

Mr. BlueDramatic
Pages: 3
Susan, 35+
Mr. Blue, undercover cop, 40’s
Synopsis: Susan meets with what she thinks is a contract killer called Mr. Blue. His response is not what you would expect.

A Deployed HeartLight
Pages: 2+
Melissa, 20’s
Marty, 20’s
Synopsis: Marty drops by Melissa’s place to confess his love ..and the fact he accidentally joined the military.

Crippled Dramatic
Pages: 2+
Spencer, 25+
Tess, 25+
Synopsis: Tess tries to get her boyfriend Spencer out from his depression as he recovers from a paralyzing accident.

A Matter of FamilyDramatic
Pages: 3
Cassie, 25+
Mike, 25+
Synopsis: Cassie break the news to her boyfriend that he can’t have children.

Give Me AwayLight
Pages: 2+
Jack, 60’s
Lisa, 20’s
Synopsis: Lisa visits Jack, an old friend of her father’s, to ask him of a very special favor.

The Ride HomeDramatic
Pages: 3
Sarah, 20’s
Andrew, 25+
Synopsis: Sarah wakes up in Andrew’s car after a night of partying. Andrew claims he is driving her home, but something isn’t right and Sarah freaks out.

Pages: 3
Jake, 30+
Christine, 30+
Synopsis: Christine searches for her sisters killer, and thinks she may have found him.

Bedside Break-UpDramatic
Pages: 3+
Mark, 20+
Carrie, 20+
Synopsis: Carrie decides to break up with Mark as he lays in bed recovering from cancer.

The Twosome Comedic
Pages: 4+
Holly, 25+
Steve, 25+
Synopsis: Steve’s wife arranges an interesting night involving another woman, Holly. When Steve meets Holly, he is not aware of the plan, and his wife isn’t there to explain it.

Buck’s Race HorseCreepy dude
Pages: 3+
Buck, 40+
Chrissy, 25 – 30
1 Male (O.C.)
Synopsis: A young woman tries to buy a race horse, but is deceived by a lying pervert.

Cabin HostageHeavy
Pages: 3
Mack, 25+
Terry, attractive female, 18 – 25
Synopsis: Terry is held hostage in a cabin, but Mack has to decide how to handle a snag in negotiations.

Delusions of MaddyDramatic
Pages: 3
Morris, 30+
Anna, 30+
Synopsis: Morris, a handyman, helps a his neighbor with her house, Suddenly Anna begins to hallucinate, or is it morris who’s hallucinating

The PlumberFunny
Pages: 3
Steven, 25+
Kristy, an attractive female plumber, 25+
Synopsis: Kristy answers an emergency plumbing call for Steven’s bathroom. Steven is a taken by her, but won’t allow her in the bathroom.

Pages: 2+
Mitch, Politician, 35+
Eileen, Wife, 35+
Synopsis: Mitch confronts his wife who is leaving him over allegations of a sexual offense in the midst of a political race.

Novel ResearchFunny
Pages: 2+
Jake, 40+
Crystal, 25+
Synopsis: Jake is a member of the mob and has unwisely allowed a writer, Crystal, to follow him around as research for her novel. He decides it was not a good idea.

Pages: 3
Tom, husband, 35+
Karen, wife, 35+
Synopsis: Tom decides to be “helpful” by re-assigning the use of their outdoor Christmas lights to help Karen with her parking.

Abduction & TrustIntense
Pages: 2+
Nate, 45+
Kelly, 30+
Synopsis: While charged with guarding Kelly’s daughter, Nate has to explain his mistake.

Pages: 2+
Karl, father, 50’s
Barb, daughter, Barb
Synopsis: Barb comes home to deal with her very intoxicated father, Karl.

Give Me the GunDramatic & harsh
Pages: 3
Nate, mentally challenged, 30’s+
Joanne, 30+
Synopsis: Joanne finds Nate hiding in an alley after a shooting. She eventually coaxes the gun away from Nate, but not for what you think.

A Model in DescentDramatic
Pages: 2+
Peter, photographer, 25+
Tammy, model, 20″s
Synopsis: During a photo shoot, it becomes apparent to Peter that Tammy is “using”.

Going Steady? Light Awkward
Pages: 2+
Darla, 20+
Jason, 20+
Synopsis: There’s a brief awkward moment between Darla and Jason when Jason tries to asks Darla for a favor.

Happy AnniversaryRomantic
Pages: 2+
Marrissa, wife, 25+
Nigel, husband, 25+
Synopsis: Nigel forgets his anniversary and almost blows it. Okay, not deep , but romantic.

The Kindness ListTouching
Pages: 4
Teresa, early 20’s
Jack, 60+
Synopsis: Jack has been coming to his favorite diner for years, when suddenly his usual waitress Teresa asks him a question that leads to some of his personal closures.

HonorRomantic Sad
Pages: 3+
Jessica, 25+
Samuel, 25+
*Postman, (1 line, optional)
Synopsis: Jessica get’s a visit from her fiance` Samuel who should be fighting overseas. He says good-bye to her, but is it only a dream?

Calling in FavorsDramatic
Pages: 3
Palmer, 50+
Tessa, 20’s
Synopsis: When a friend of the family calls in a favor for Tessa’s brother, it nearly gets him killed.
It’s Your Fault– Dramatic

Pages: 2+
Peter, male, 45+ father
Carrie, female, 20’s, daughter
**Nurse, female, any age, (2 lines)
Synopsis: Carrie lays in a hospital bed with her jaw wired shut after a car accident in which her mother was killed. Her alcoholic father, Peter, tries to ask for forgiveness, as he was the driver.
The Scandal– Light Drama
Pages: 2+
Thomas, Candidate for Senate, 40’s
Tracy, female, 20’s, Campaign Volunteer
Synopsis: Tracy tries to seduce the senator, but is surprised at his reaction.
Hands in Prayer – Intense
Pages: 3+
Charles Princeton, 50+, corporate executive
Lela, female, early 20’s
Synopsis: Lela uncovers repressed childhood memories which leads her to confront Charles Princeton, the man she believes killed her mother when she was young.

Untintended TargetLight Drama
Pages: 1.5
Oficer Greene, late 20’s, patrol cop
Mrs. Delaney, 30’s, mother of a boy who was shot.   Synopsis: Officer Green answers to Mrs. Delaney about how her son was shot in his custody.
Dropping the Gun – Taboo intense
Pages: 3
Bo, male, assassin, 35+
Tia, female, runaway, adult actress who looks 16
Synopsis: Bo prepares for a job. Tia and Bo are supposed to part company, but Tia wants to go with him and be a part of his life. Bo must say “no”.
NOTE: These two characters kiss.

Pages: 2
Robert, male 30’s, Executive, professional
Tiffany, female, early 20’s, a bit naive and sensual
Synopsis: As payback, Marilyn hires Robert’s “part time” girlfriend to be his Administrative Assistant.

Last WishDramatic
Pages: 2+
Rachel, 18 – 30,
Peter, 50+
Synopsis: Rachel visits her father who is in custody for killing her mother. Peter tries to explain what really happened.
Pages: 3+
John 21+
Michelle, 21+
Synopsis: Michelle agrees to a romantic weekend at John’s cabin in the woods. However, it only confirms the romance is gone.
Closet SexLight
Pages: 2+
Mike 25+
Meesha, 25+
Synopsis: Meesha is no longer in favor of their choice of location for their sexual rendezvous.

I Love an IdiotVery Light
Pages: 3
Norm, husband, 25+
Diane, wife, 25+
Synopsis: Both are snuggled together for an old movie. They have a light romantic moment.

Pages: 3
Danny, 20’s
Carla, 20’s
Synopsis: Carla hopes she can convince her deadbeat boyfriend, Danny, to see a play with her, but he would rather she go alone.

In A FugueCurious
Pages: 3+
Special Agent Moon, 30+
Rose, 30+
Synopsis: Rose claims she is innocent of murder despite the overwhelming evidence. Dr. Moon, FBI Psychologist, suspects a possible reason for her denial.

Pages: 2+
Cassandra, 25+
Nathaniel, 25+
Synopsis: Nathaniel breaks the news to Cassandra that he has only a short time to live.

Allen’s Dream GirlPsychological Light
Pages: 3
Allen, 30’s
Carrie, 30’s
Synopsis: Allen experiences his favorite recurring dream about an old flame, but this time, it doesn’t end the same.

LivingLight Dramatic
Pages: 3
Freddie, 30’s
Becky, 30’s
Synopsis: Freddie, flirts with his nurse Becky for a date, and when he receives bad news about his health, his reaction is surprising.

Max Dramatic
Pages: 2+
Max, death row psychopath, 30+
Catherine, Detective, 30+
Synopsis: Catherine interviews Max to find another killer, but time is running out for both of them. Max toys with her.

Pages: 2
Darla, 30+
Nick, 30+
Synopsis: Darla tries to help Nick to deal with a hit-and-run accident while he was driving drunk. Nick only makes matters worse.

Pages: 3
Max, husband, 60+
Blair, wife, 60+
Synopsis: Blair just wishes her husband would take her out to nice restaurant. Max just wants to watch TV. Blair uses a crossword puzzle to “encourage” him to go.

Boxes Dramatic
Pages: 2+
Ben, 20+
Maya, 20+
Synopsis: Maya comes home to an angry and jealous boyfriend, Ben.

Pages: 2+
John, 20+
Valerie, 20+
Synopsis: Valerie treats her boyfriend, John, to a classic movie at a vintage theater. Much to his surprise (and dismay), she proposes to him.

Pages: 2+
Nicholas, 40+
Melissa, 20’s
*Des, (2 lines)
Synopsis: Melissa Jasper is an up-and-coming pop singer who is about to perform her fist major concert. Unfortunately, she can’t remember what she’ supposed to do and her Manager Nick is no help.

Officer KilledHeavy
Pages: 2+
John, Bomb Disposal Cop, 30+
Dawn, a cop’s wife, 30+
Synopsis: John has the difficult task of explaining why Dawn’s husband was killed by a bomb.

Our Baby Intense
Pages: 2+
Jesse, 25+
Tasha, 25+
Synopsis: Tasha tries to convince her husband, Jesse, to return their baby to her. He has given the baby to a religious cult for God knows what.

Party Girls – Light
Pages: 3+
Grant, 20’s
Brenda, quirky roadie, 20’s,
Synopsis: Grant is an awkward guy attending a party where he meets the care-free Brenda. He is soon faced with the decision as to “let loose” or not.

Radio SilenceDramatic
Pages: 3
Sheriff Grossman, 40+
Danielle, Asian, 25+
Synopsis: A seemingly harmless shopkeeper threatens to expose a corrupt small town sheriff, but she’s not all that harmless.

Sex and the AttorneyLittle Farcical
Pages: 4
Anthony, a lawyer, 30+
Susan, client, 30+
Synopsis: Susan visits an attorney, Anthony, to sue a man for a medical condition that causes her to be over-stimulated. Anthony barely survives the meeting.

A Temporary ThingSerious
Pages: 2+
Manny, 25 – 30
Samantha, 25 – 30
Synopsis: Samantha is on the run, but her new friend Manny wants her to stay.

Pages: 2+
Gary, husband, 25+
Christy, wife, 25+
Synopsis: Gary just wishes to relax with his wife, Christy, at his favorite coffee shop, but Christy has a very urgent mission to accomplish instead.

Taking His BarDramatic
Pages: 3
John, ex-husband, 35+
Melissa, ex-wife, 35+
Synopsis: Melissa pays a visit to her soon-to-be ex-husband John at the bar where they met. She delivers to him one last “slap in the face”.

Pages: 2+
Kelly, teacher, 30+
Mo, teacher, 30+
Synopsis: Mo attempts to ask his colleague Kelly out on a date, but is she letting him down easy, or trying to set him up for something else.

First ImpressionLight
Pages: 2+
Tina, 20’s
Gary, 20’s
Synopsis: Tina and Gary just meet at a party and neither are very graceful.

The Friend ZoneDra-mantic
Pages: 2+
Talia, 25+
Jonathan, 25+ same age as Talia
Synopsis: Talia is still mourning the death of her old boyfriend and calls upon her friend Jonathan for comfort. Jonathan struggles with his feelings for Talia.

Abusive ArgumentDisturbing
Pages: 2+
Jim, Husband, 40’s
Mary, Wife, 40’s
Synopsis: Jim and Mary are having a fight inside a cafe. Patrons overhear and react.
**This was used in class to tape the students response as “patrons”. An exercise in reaction shots.

Pages: 2+
Leslie, psychic, 25+
Jack, 25+
Synopsis: Jack’s wife has been missing for three days and the police has sent a psychic to help him.

Threesome Light
Pages: 3
Steve, 30’s
Synopsis: Kelly is having an affair with Steve and suggests a threesome.
Pet Recovery – Absurd moment
Pages: 3
Jake Duran, 20+, pet detective
Laura, 40+, eccentric
When Jake takes on a missing pet case, he quickly learns the owner, Laura, is a bit of a loon.

Lucky Day – Light comedy
Pages: 3
Henry, 25+, former homeless man
Melissa, 25+
While sitting on the subway, Henry runs into Melissa, who used to give him a dollar everyday when he was homeless. He expresses his gratitude for all the help she had given him, especially her winning lottery ticket… which she never knew about.
Save Me – Cops/Light
Pages: 2+
Robin, female, 40s, Detective
Jason, 30s, Detective
Robin tries to get Jason out of his work and back into the dating scene.
Aunt Sarah – Awkward funny
Pages: 2+
Kevin, college age
Aunt Sarah, 45+
Kevin reluctantly confronts his Aunt Sarah for using his bedroom for “personal gratification”
Amenities – Comedy
Pages: 3
Trevor, 25+
Susan, 25+
Susan enters her newly purchased condo only to find the former tenant, Trevor, still residing in the home. He refuses to leave out of protest of his foreclosure.
Pages: 3
Stacy, female 18 – 25
Ben, male, 18 – 25
Ben visits Stacy to ask her advice about asking a girl out on a date. Stacy wishes it was her.
The Onion Girl – Comedy
Pages: 3
Sarah, 20+
Kyle, 20+
Kyle and Sarah finish their date and the relationship is over before it even begins …because she ate onions.
Pages: 4
Linda 21+
Peter 21+
Linda and Peter end what should be the perfect first date, but Linda’s narcolepsy keeps them from having their first kiss. 
Ernie’s Scandal – Lightly absurd
Pages: 3+
Ernie, 35+, innocent
Tanya, 25+, call girl
Ernie, a happily married low-level politician, employs a call girl to help create a sex scandal for himself in order to help forward his career.