Jun 2018 (Thu; 7-10pm) 4-week On-Camera Audition Technique Workshop

REGISTRATION OPEN…for the June 2018 cyclefor beginners…with Talent Manager Ryan Glasgow. Please see next date HERE


June 7, 14, 21, 28 (four consecutive Thursdays; 7-10pm)

For ADULTS (17 years and older)

Total cost for all 4 classes is $200.

Class Policies (including information on our absence policy, payment, posted videos and scenes.)

* We do not allow audits in this class. If you are interested in sitting in on a class, audits are available for our ongoing on-camera Scene Study Class.

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For beginner-level (and some intermediate-level actors who may want to re-focus on the audition technique). The 4-week “On-Camera Audition Technique Workshop is taught by current working Teacher/Coach/Producer/Manager (for over 20 years) Ryan Glasgow. (Acting and auditioning are separate skills that need to be worked on with somebody who is direct, yet loving and who always gets results!). This workshop focuses on what’s real about Hollywood’s expectations of you as a professional actor as well as the audition process, while offering the basic fundamentals essential to develop the skills necessary to book a job. You will be on-camera each week and can view your performance on an online video link.

  • Throughout our 4-week process, we will also help unlock your most marketable qualities and get you read for auditions and meetings…in television and film.
  • This class is specific to the audition technique (which includes the basics of scene study and script breakdown).
  • Each actor works (in class) every single week...“on-camera”. You can view your work on tape.
  • We keep classes small, to an average of 16-18 students (not 30 or 40), so that each actor can actually work extensively in every class.
  • Class meets once a week (for 3 hours) for the 4 consecutive weeks.

Ryan’s Curriculum

Week 1: Introduction, and general discussion about putting it all together
* Basics of prep! What am I auditioning for? Is it film? Is it television? Is it one-hour TV or a sitcom? If it’s a sitcom, is it single camera or three cameras in front of a live studio audience? Why are all of these critical to examine before I approach “the acting”?
* Acting exercise to get your creative juices in the moment and flowing in the right direction while you are dealing with audition anxiety in the rooms…(Meisner techniques with Ryan’s original twist for stronger auditions!)
* Mental approach (book the room not just the job!)
* Cold-read performance taped and you will be given feedback (sides given in class)
* We will discuss YOU, the artist and how you should approach the material as you perform a cold read for week one. During this process we also break down your individual scenes finding the beats and important elements to focus on as Ryan teaches you how to truly prepare for an audition! He coaches his own clients every day into real jobs using his methods. And during these four weeks he will help you find the path for your future career goals as he would his own clients!

Week 2: More discussion, and audition with prepared scene from week one
* Warm up! (Exercise from week one)
* You will bring your prepared audition from week one ready to rock! The first half of class will be run exactly like an audition (scenes will be taped), but with real life feed back and adjustments in the room!
* Second half of class will be A VERY CANDID, LOVING BUT EXTREMELY DIRECT DISCUSSION AND EXERCISE ABOUT WHAT TO DO AND WHAT NOT TO DO IN THE AUDITIONS ROOMS! This class is DONE “On-Camera” for a VERY good reason. Because almost every audition is also on camera! It’s not just filmed after you book, you have to know how to create a great shot into the camera sitting behind the casting directors shoulder, that the producers and directors are then later…making their final selections from! These tapes have to be perfect!
* You will be assigned a new scene for week 3

Week 3: Scene study/breakdown & prepared-read (sides sent home from Week 2)
* You perform (with a reader not a classmate!!) a scene (taped with feedback) you have prepared as we discuss…
* Scene study basics (the real meat of the principles of acting) and how it relates TO THE AUDITION
* No acting allowed… you will “feel” these scenes, “create the character relationships”… and then learn how to use your nervous energy (aka star quality) and shine!! We always hear… “Be IN the moment”. In Ryan’s class he will explain what that means so you will learn to be “in the moment” that matters most. The moment that will BOOK YOU THE JOBS!
* Listening with your eyes and your ears at the same time… aka creating a great reaction shot for producers and directors!

Week 4: Putting it all together with your performance (showcase)!
* Pick either of the scenes you performed from the previous two classes OR something Ryan has never seen. Show him what you have learned and see how he really feels about it. Taped with feedback.
* On your journey, you will face many show biz pros who are no where as nice as Ryan. So Ryan wants to make sure you have it ALL TOGETHER! Let’s make sure you have the right picture and resume or at least a plan for making that happen. Demo Reels? Showcases?
* There are always questions! Let’s talk about what to do once you are ready to put all of your hard work into action! Because that’s what everybody really wants to know, right? *What do I do now?? Week four is all about THAT!


Sign-up Information
June 2018 cycle dates: June 7, 14, 21, 28 (four consecutive Thursdays; 7-10pm)
$200 total, for adults (17 years and older), for the 4-week cycle ($200 full payment required to hold your seat)
Register at: Call 310-717-2181 or register below
Workshop location (We are NOW at the following new location): Castaway Studios, 6380 Wilshire Blvd #100, Los Angeles, CA 90048 (W of Fairfax; E of San Vicente) (GET DIRECTIONS)


This class is taught by:

Manager Ryan Glasgow of Marshak and Mills

Ryan Glasgow has over 21 years of show-business experience. He is a professional acting/auditioning coach who is very knowledgeable, friendly, passionate, nurturing and inspiring.






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