INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED: “On-Camera” Ongoing Scene Study Class -*Meisner Method* (Thursdays, 7-10pm)

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This “on-camera” class was designed for the intermediate/advanced-level actor. It offers the fundamentals essential to develop the skills necessary to become a quality working actor. Throughout each class, improv exercises and other techniques (including those of Sanford Meisner) will be introduced to develop the foundation of acting and help students gain a freedom in their acting. This gives the actor the opportunity to learn to gain self-confidence, and recognize their individuality, abilities and talents.

In this class, the instructor introduces the concepts of the Meisner approach and develops the actors’ instinct, encouraging actors to work with greater spontaneity and honesty. Further, actors work in improvisation and scenework learning to be emotionally full and truthfully responsive in performance. Actors will learn to live truthfully in the moment, bringing authenticity to their work as they become present (and listen and react truthfully from moment to moment) to their acting partner which will give the actor the courage to let go and play. Thus, actors will gain an understanding of the basic mechanics of playing a scene truthfully and freely. Even when you get a scene “cold”, you will be able to make powerful acting choices, listening and answering in the moment as you fully commit to your acting partner and your objective in the scene.

  • Utilizing the most useful components of the Meisner technique, actors will focus on practicing improv, cold reading and scenework; thereby giving actors the training that they actually need when they go out to audition.
  • Our approach is current, practical, and focuses on giving actors all the tools needed to get AND KEEP a job in television and film.
  • Class meets once a week on Thursdays (for 3 hours).
  • Actors work (in class) every week…“on-camera”.
  • We keep classes small, to an average of 16 (not 30 or 40), so that each actor can actually work extensively in every class.
  • Actors learn how to actually apply listening and answering in the moment right away.
  • Actors who want to build technique and develop the facility to have it at their fingertips in their auditions and performances are always shocked by the efficiency and success of our approach.

Sign-up Information
Thursdays, from 7-10 PM
for the 4-week cycle ($100 deposit required to hold your seat)
Register at:
Call 310-717-2181 or register below
Workshop location:
Castaway Studios, 8899 Beverly Blvd (1st Floor), Los Angeles, CA 90048 (Get Directions)

This class is taught by:

Frederick (Fred) Ponzlov is a renowned New York and Los Angeles acting teacher with over 25 years of show-business experience. He was trained by Sanford Meisner of the world famous Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City. Frederick is a television and film actor, screen writer, theatre director, and acting teacher known for his work on stage and for writing the award-winning film “Plots with a View” (USA title “Undertaking Betty”; 2005). He is also a former Casting Director for HBO. Currently, he teaches and coaches acting classes, specializing in the Meisner Technique.