Aug 2017 (Tue; 7-10pm) 4-week On-Camera Audition Technique Workshop

REGISTRATION IS CLOSED…for the August 2017 cyclefor beginners…with Michael Bucklin. See next available date HERE


August 8, 15, 22, 29 (four consecutive Tuesdays; 7-10pm)

For ADULTS (17 years and older)

Total cost for all 4 classes is $200.

Class Policies (including information on our absence policy, payment, posted videos and scenes.)

* We do not allow audits in this class. If you are interested in sitting in on a class, audits are available for our ongoing on-camera Scene Study Class.

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This 4-week TV-Film AUDITION TECHNIQUE “ON-CAMERA” workshop was designed for the BEGINNER-level actor (as well as some intermediate-level actors who may want to re-focus on audition technique). This workshop integrates on-camera audition techniques with the “Four Best Basic Lessons” of the Meisner Technique; THUS, you immediately learn the CURRENT, PRACTICAL, Hollywood skills you need to book a job at auditions…with “some” old-school Meinser method acting. Throughout each class, exercises and other techniques will be introduced to develop the foundation of acting and help students gain self-confidence, and recognize their individuality, abilities and talents. You will be on-camera each week and can view your performance on an online video link (see curriculum below).

  • Our approach is current, practical, and focuses on giving actors the tools needed to GIVE A GREAT AUDITION to book a job in television and film.
  • Utilizing the 4 most useful components of the Meisner technique, actors will immediately focus on practicing cold- and prepared-readings of audition material (scenes); thereby giving actors the practical training that they actually need to be confident at auditions.
  • This class is specific to the audition technique (although we will cover the basics of scene study and script breakdown).
  • Each actor works (in class) every single week...“on-camera”. You can view your work on tape.
  • We keep classes small, to an average of 16-18 students (not 30 or 40), so that each actor can actually work extensively in every class.
  • Class meets once a week (for 3 hours) for the 4 consecutive weeks.


Week 1: Audition Technique Basics, Meisner Exercises and Cold Readings
* Basics of auditioning for television & film
* Introduction to auditions: entrances, exits and introductions
* Meisner acting exercise: focus techniques that will bring you “into the moment”
* Meisner acting exercise: “active listening” and “being truthful”
* You will perform a cold-read audition (taped) and be given feedback

Week 2: Meisner Principles and Prepared-Readings (sides sent home from week 1)
* Learn and apply the “basic circumstances” of an audition scene
* Meisner acting exercise: “the act of doing”
* You will perform a prepared-read audition (taped) and be given feedback

Week 3: Script Breakdown, Meisner Principles and Cold-Readings
*Dealing with the script for both cold and prepared auditions
* Detective work: relationships, histories, etc.
* Finding the “unity of opposites”in every scene
* Meisner exercise: scene/audition preparation
* You will perform a cold-read audition (taped) and be given feedback

Week 4: Putting it all Together and Prepared-reading 
(sides sent home from week 3)
* Using the “magic if” to align yourself with the character
* Synthesis: Meisner and audition techniques
* You will perform a prepared-read audition (taped) and be given feedback


Sign-up Information
August 2017 cycle dates: August 8, 15, 22, 29 (four consecutive Tuesdays; 7-10pm)
$200 total, for adults (17 years and older), for the 4-week cycle ($200 full payment required to hold your seat)
Register at: Call 310-717-2181 or register below
Workshop location (We are NOW at the following new location): Castaway Studios, 6380 Wilshire Blvd #100, Los Angeles, CA 90048 (W of Fairfax; E of San Vicente) (GET DIRECTIONS)


This class is taught by:

Michael Bucklin – Acting Coach

Michael Bucklin is a very skilled instructor, screenwriter, and actor with over 20 years of show-business experience. He was trained directly by the legendary Sanford Meisner of the world famous Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City. He currently teaches acting courses at the university-level. He is a very knowledgeable, friendly, nurturing and inspiring acting instructor.

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